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On this page you can see the photo and read about how to distinguish the original TM Bluesky products from fakes.

As the Bluesky brand is very famous in the world and sold in large quantities, a lot of fakes under TM Bluesky were produced in China, too, but of much worse quality, with those gel-varnish palettes that do not overlap with the original Bluesky palettes.

The oldest gel-varnish series of the Bluesky is the A series, the so-called 5A, that is, the AAAAA has 120 of them in the palette and the palette under the CND series 80 with a five-digit number, in this palette of gel varnishes the first is always 80, and the color number itself goes directly, for example 80515, 80620, etc. for today in this series of 142 colors.

The easiest way to distinguish the original from the forging of Bluesky gel-lacquers is the font and the inscription on the bottles. On the original Bluesky product, Bluesky Gel Polish is written, which means the product of the Bluesky Helium Cover, no SHELLAC words on the original bottles.

In the new Bluesky parties on the back of each bottle, there is necessarily information about the composition and place of production of this product, at our request this inscription is already written in Russian.

Also on the cap of each Bluesky gel-lacquer there is a sticker with the bar code of the country of the manufacturer, a QR-code with which you can scan this product and verify the authenticity of the gel-varnish data on the official website of the producer.

At the bottom of each Bluesky gel-lacquer is the brand name Bluesky and the batch number.

How else to distinguish the original Bluesky from a fake?

On the top of the cap, there must be a holographic sticker with the series and the number of this gel-lacquer, the Bluesky.

In this photo you see the inscription on the bottles: BLZ35, A01, 80508, where the letter stands for the series, and the number itself is the color of Bluesky gel-lacquer.

The colors for fakes by numbers also differ from the original Bluescale palette. The original gel-lacquer Bluesky A01 has a bright red color with a fine shimmer, for counterfeits it's a blue color, pay attention to it.

On our site there is information on the original palette of gel-varnish Bluesky. Please buy only the original gel-lacquer Bluesky, this is important for your health. Counterfeits can look very nice, worth 10-20 UAH. cheaper than the original, but no one will give you a guarantee about the composition of this varnish and in what conditions it is diffused.

In turn, we can provide SES certificates for all Bluesky products officially imported to Ukraine.

All Bluesky gel-varnishes have their price, if you see prices cheaper than ours, it is most likely a fake. Do not pursue cheapness, think about your health.

Once again, on the original Bluesky gel-lacquer there is no word SHELLAC, this is a copyright infringement of the TM Shellac CND and the Bluesky plant has already refused this inscription on its products for two years.

Gel-lacquer Bluesky Series 80, this is a copy of the CND varnish, but at a more affordable price.

Bluesky bought Shellac technology from CND, the quality remained the same, and the price decreased, which could not affect the great popularity of Bluesky gel-varnishes all over the world.

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We have in the store only original gel blends TM Bluesky from the official manufacturer.