Exclusive service

With a one-time order and payment for a total of 5000 UAH. the exclusive service is provided to the buyers - the manager's departure with a full palette.

In such a case, the customer can already choose on the spot colors in the amount of the paid amount.

Service without queue

Our customers have the opportunity to get professional advice on the products presented in our online store without waiting. To do this, you record at a convenient time or check out our manager.

Quality Assurance

The online store el Shop cherishes its reputation and always cares about the health of customers. The policy of the store is aimed at ensuring that harmony and mutual respect always prevail in the "seller-buyer" relationship. And the quality of products sold is one of the main determining places in this chain. Our goal is to make every casual visitor our regular customer. That's why we do not sell falsified goods, goods of doubtful origin and products with expired shelf life.

We only have direct shipments from manufacturers. We do not cooperate with suppliers that have a bad reputation and are capable of adversely affecting the company's operations. We are not ready to compromise with our own conscience and jeopardize the health of our customers for the sake of high profits. Making a purchase from us, you get only the original product of the highest quality. A grateful smile on your face and positive feedback will be the best evaluation of our work.

Return of goods

Customers often ask a question about the possibility of exchanging and returning products that did not suit them for some reason. At the same time they refer to the norms in the legislation of Ukraine, which allegedly regulate such an opportunity. To once and for all put an end to such a question, we give an explanation.

The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" gives buyers the right to exchange or return any good quality goods (non-food group) without specifying the reasons, if the purchase did not take 14 days. At the same time, the conditions that must be met by the buyer are clearly regulated:

  • undisturbed presentation, the presence of uninsulated seals and labels
  • Saved consumer properties
  • no trace of use;
  • mandatory availability of documents confirming the purchase of goods.

In addition to this law, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued Resolution No. 172 dated 19.03.1994, which lists goods that can not be returned and exchanged. Among them, combs, manicure and pedicure tools and perfumes and cosmetics. That is why any store has the right to refuse the buyer in the return or exchange of varnishes for nails, creams, balms, tweezers, scissors, brashingov and other goods from these groups.

However, in an effort to build its relationships with customers within the framework of mutually beneficial, long-term and most comfortable cooperation, el Shop often goes to meet customers and is ready to consider every single case of potential return / exchange not from a legal formalism, but exclusively individually.

According to the internal policy of the online store el Shop, all gel-varnishes and accompanying gel, acrylic and gel-lacquer products are accepted for testing upon detection of factory reject by the Buyer immediately after opening the product (for example, lack of a brush inside or damage to the bottle). Identification of nonconformity of products with technical specifications, declared by the manufacturer, is possible under the condition of one-time use of the product (after the first application). If the product comes to testing in an improper condition after repeated use by the Buyer, the online store el Shop reserves the right (after external inspection) to return this product to the Buyer at the expense of the Buyer's own funds. If, as a result of product testing (if the above conditions are met), a marriage will be detected, the el Shop online store will make the appropriate replacement of the product. In this case, the delivery of products is covered by the online store el Shop. For the most accurate testing results, a technologist needs at least 14 calendar days (two weeks) from the day of testing the products, after which the Buyer is informed of the result. The absence of a client's request to the guarantee department to receive processed products or exchange within the time limits specified above can not be interpreted as a failure of el store to fulfill its obligations on terms of exchange.

It is necessary to inform about the marriage of the product within three days after receiving the products.

Return the goods, as well as sending products for testing, you agree with the manager.

We do not trade counterfeit

We also consider it our duty to notify buyers that we do not sell falsified goods, low-grade fakes or expired products. All goods are carefully checked and packed before shipment. And finally, each product passes at least three checks: the manufacturer's check, when it arrives at our warehouse and when it is shipped to customers.