Protein bottle (violet) 3 ml 4.78 9

A miniature and thin glass bottle-testo with a black cap for 3 ml is made in white

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Brand El Studio
Model Флакон для пробников (фиолка) 3 мл
Colour черный
Type Тара
Packaging 3 мл
Gross weight 9 g
Size 61 mm

A miniature and thin glass bottle-violet for probes with a black cap for 3 ml is made in white. It is intended for perfumery and cosmetic products.

Material: clear glass, black plastic.

Suitable for atomizers.

What is an atomizer? Ask the person who first encountered this concept.

Atomizer or Atom is a container, a vessel, a vial that is used for refining perfume. In it you can pour perfume from your bottle, in order to share with your girlfriend or to have a favorite scent always in your purse.

Atoms are different in form, material and volume.

Volume: 3 ml

Dimensions: 61x10 mm

Categories: Containers and packaging

Tags: bottle probe

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