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Cuticle remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 15 ml allows you to quickly and very effectively soften and remove the cuticle in just 45 seconds

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Brand NRG
Model Cuticle Remover, 15 мл
Type Ремувер для кутикулы
Packaging 15 мл
Gross weight 70 g

NRG Cuticle Remover, 15 ml - means for rapid softening and removal of the cuticle

NRG Cuticle Remover is a revolutionary formula that allows you to quickly and very effectively soften and remove the cuticle in as little as 45 seconds. This tool is ideal for both edging and unedged, and also used to remove the cuticle on the legs during pedicure.

After applying NRGCuticleRemover cuticle and the skin around the nails becomes soft and elastic, thanks to the content of lanolin, calcium and oils. The effect lasts a long time.


  • works quickly and efficiently
  • suitable for all types of manicure / pedicure
  • reduces soaking time
  • makes the cuticle soft and supple for further processing
  • Economical consumption of the product (1 drop per finger)
  • suitable for both professionals and home use

Mode of application:

  1. Prepare nails for manicure / pedicure (clean the nails from the decorative coating and give them the desired shape)
  2. Apply NRGCuticleRemover to the cuticle using the applicator
  3. Less than a minute later, using a pusher or orange stick, push the softened cuticle:
  • With an uncut manicure / pedicure the excess of coarsened and overgrown cuticle at the same time with ease go and cleaned also with the help of a gun or orange stick.
  • For trimmed manicure / pedicure make the procession for a few minutes and then use the tool to work the cuticle and side rollers.

Manufacturer: NRG
A country: United States
Size: 15 ml

Categories: Special Tools

Tags: means

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