Means for pedicure Canni Callus remover (currant) 300 ml

Canni Callus remover pedicure tool (currant) 300 ml has an optimal consistency, which allows you to economically spend material when pedicure

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Brand Canni
Manufacturer's code 2009231202144
Model смородина, 300 мл
Type Средство для педикюра
Packaging 300 мл
Gross weight 350 g

Means for pedicure Canni Callus remover (currant) 300 ml - means for softening and removal of corns, calluses and coarsened skin of the legs.

Used with a classic or hardware pedicure. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Naturally softens and exfoliates rough skin. Easy to use.

Method of application: wipe the feet softened in warm water with a towel. On problem areas, apply Callus Remover for 3-5 minutes. Wash away the rest of the product and remove natoptish with the help of a device or a file for a pedicure. If necessary, apply the product again.

Wear gloves when handling Callus Remover and avoid contact with eyes.

Manufacturer: Canni
A country: China
Smell: currants
Size: 300 ml

Categories: Special Tools

Tags: means

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