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Liquid Furman dilutes thickened varnish, cleans brushes from acrylic 100 ml

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Brand Furman
Model лака для ногтей 100 мл
Colour красный
Type Разбавитель
Packaging 100 мл
Gross weight 107 g

Often when using nail polish, the volatile components that provide the fluidity of the varnish are weathered. As a result, the varnish becomes thick and unfit for use. This problem can easily be solved using Furman Nail Polish Thinner 100 ml.

All nail varnishes are a solution of nitrocellulose in one of many solvents. How many varnish producers - so many different solvents they use in their composition. The reasons why manufacturers choose different bases are different aspirations - some want to make the varnish cheaper, not caring about the health of the buyer, (these are those who use the basis of lacquer toluene). Others tend to make products of high quality, but still try to save on production (choose solvents with low density). Still others, regardless of costs, produce the highest quality - basically it is a luxury segment where plus or minus a few hryvnias on a 15 ml bottle are not playing a role. Let's understand this diversity. A variety of solvents have different densities: from 0.7 to 1.6. In addition, the density of solvents depends very strongly on temperature. Also it is necessary to consider that manufacturers of varnishes buy solvents on a chemical plant in kilograms, and sell in bottles on milligrams. This means that if you make lacquer from light solvents in southern coastal areas, China where now most of the production capacity is under heaven, with a density of 0.7 instead of a solvent of 1.6, then the cost of the final product will be 2 times cheaper. And it is not a fact that a solvent with a density of 0.7 is better than with a density of 1.6.

How then to enter, when it is necessary to dilute the thickened varnish, if each manufacturer uses different solvents in its composition? In such cases it is necessary to use a universal nitrocellulose solvent. Yes it is not cheap, but it belongs to solvents of the luxury class, yes its density approaches 1 that additionally raises its price, but it has one indisputable advantage that overlaps all the rest it is suitable for any varnishes and can replace any other solvent that used producer, and yes on its basis produce expensive varnishes at $ 28 per bottle. Well, as a bonus, he is responsible for the drying speed and the formation of the film on the nail. It is this solvent we offer you in our diluted thickener varnish.

Volume: 100 ml.

Manufacturer Ukraine.

Does not contain toluene.

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