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    Cuticle Remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 15 ml
    Cuticle Remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 15 ml
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    Cuticle Remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 30 ml
    Cuticle Remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 30 ml
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    Cuticle Remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 100 ml
    Cuticle Remover NRG Cuticle Remover, 100 ml
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Popular modern nail care products

The consumer is often difficult to navigate and choose exactly the products that he really needs. In the modern market, nail care products are presented in the widest range. For regular nail care, cuticle oil is needed, which enriches the nails and cuticles, makes the nails strong, and the skin is beautiful and well-groomed. High-quality cuticle remover, which, like other professional nail products, you can buy on the site.

These funds can be attributed to two main groups:

  • means for manicure (pedicure),
  • means for the prevention of diseases and treatment of nails.

What do I need to know about cuticle remover?

Oil for the cuticle should be in the arsenal of any master of manicure and pedicure, as well as every woman who watches herself. Regular use of this oil makes polishing of nails flawless. Moreover, the substance is an indispensable tool for effective moisturizing of nails after such procedures as nail extensions, correction, application and removal of special gel-varnishes. Cuticle oil prolongs the effect of manicure and imparts a tone to the skin after removal of the cuticle with a special remover.

The main rule of care for the cuticle is a sparing removal. After circumcision of the cuticle, the new becomes even coarser and thicker, grows close to the nail plate, often cracking, forming burrs. Uncutaneous manicure will forever save you from the problem of burrs. The online store Kodi Professional brings to your attention highly effective nail care products.

Remover and cuticle oil will make your manicure flawless for a long time. All products are certified, characterized by consistently high quality and affordable price. You can choose both household and professional tools for manicure and pedicure. The choice of this or that agent is best done after consultation with a qualified specialist.

The importance of the primer in everyday manicure and nail extensions

Little is known that the use of a professional primer for nails is important not only when building artificial nails, but also when caring for natural nails. To begin with it is worth to clarify that the primer for nails is a special tool that disinfects and degreases the nail plate, removes the remains of the nail dust from it after the sawing.

During the growth of artificial nails, the use of a primer for nails increases the adhesive properties of the artificial material, i. E. provides the best adhesion of the nail plate with the material to be stacked. But if you use a primer for simple manicure and care for your native nails, it helps to increase the strength of the applied varnish, so that it will last longer.