HLD saw blade rectangle 180/240

Nail file for nail HLD rectangle with a roughness of 180/240 grit - you can safely file natural nails

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Brand HLD
Model прямоугольник 180/240
Colour серый
Type Пилка
Packaging 1 шт
Gross weight 22 g
Harshness 180, 240

File HLD rectangle 180/240 ideal tool in the process of building and correcting nails. It has a convenient rectangular shape and two working surfaces.

On the work surface, the roughness of 180 grit is applied to a crumb of medium size, which makes it possible to effectively nail and level the surface after roughing. On the surface of 240 grit small crumb is applied, which is suitable for the final grinding of the artificial nail, for polishing the natural nail plate, and also for processing the cuticle.

Served 4 times longer than normal nail files, which saves the strength and time of the master, as well as material consumption.

Purpose:preliminary polishing of artificial nails and polishing artificial and natural nails, cuticle treatment.


The form:rectangle.

Abrasiveness:180/240 grit.

Categories: Files, buffs, polishers

Tags: sawing

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