Gloves, vinyl non-sterile powdered Medicom (size L) 50 pairs

Medicom non-sterile, opaque powdered gloves (size L) 50 pairs made from high quality rubber-free latex PVC

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Brand Medicom
Manufacturer's code 1130-D
Model опудренные (размер L)
Colour белый
Type Перчатки виниловые
Packaging 50 пар
Gross weight 557 g
Size 17.7 cm
Form размер L

Gloves, vinyl non-sterile powdered Medicom (size L) 50 pairs - high-quality multi-purpose gloves, which are made of first-class PVC-free rubber latex, to avoid allergic reactions. Vinyl gloves provide standard protection when working in high-risk environments and are characterized by maximum water resistance. Suitable for use in medicine, cosmetology, chemical and food industries. Due to the presence of powder, these gloves are easier to wear and remove.


  • Good elasticity
  • Powdered, non-sterile
  • Do not contain latex
  • Do not cause allergic reactions
  • Possess first-class tactile sensitivity.

Manufacturer: Medicom
A country: PRC
The size: L
Colour: white

Categories: Gloves, masks

Tags: gloves

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