Gloves nitrile non-sterile SafeTouch Extend pink (S) 1 pair 4.87 8

Nitrile Nitrile Gloves non-sterile SafeTouch Extend pink (S) 1 pair set a high level of tactile sensitivity, hands do not mist over

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Brand Medicom
Manufacturer's code 1172
Model Extend розовые (S) 1 пара
Colour розовый
Type Перчатки нитриловые
Packaging 1 пара
Gross weight 12 g
Form размер S

Nitrile examination nitrile gloves Safetouch Extend Pink

  • Without latex
  • Without talcum powder
  • Excellent fit
  • High tactile properties
  • Swirling cuffs
  • Equally freely dressed on both hands
  • Thickness 0.13 mm

Excellent puncture resistance for enhanced safety. The material of which the gloves are made are thermo-elastic. He covers his arm like an extra layer of skin. A special formula for the manufacture of gloves allows you to quickly take the shape of the hand without the use of additional efforts and the appearance of feelings of discomfort.

Reduced sweating and swelling of the hands inside the gloves. The special surface design and fineness of the material set a high level of tactile sensitivity. Resistant to the effects of many chemical compounds.

Manufacturer: Medicom
A country: Malaysia
amount: 1 pair
The size: S

Categories: Gloves, masks

Tags: gloves

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