Non-sterile nitrile gloves without Medicom SafeTouch Advanced Extend 4.3 powder gr (size M) 50 pairs 4.62 8

Non-sterile nitrile gloves without Medicom SafeTouch Advanced Extend 4.3 g powder (size M) 50 pairs of synthetic rubber, provide excellent sensitivity

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Brand Medicom
Manufacturer's code 1172-C
Model SafeTouch Advanced Extend (размер M) 4.3 гр
Colour розовый
Type Перчатки нитриловые
Packaging 50 пар
Gross weight 576 g
Size 17.7 cm
Form размер M

Thin pink nitrile gloves SafeTouch Advanced Extend textured, powder free, non-sterile 100 pieces, size M have undeniable advantages:

  • Revolutionary nitrile protective gloves with an improved degree of comfort.
  • Made from thinner nitrile, Slim Nitrile technology provides excellent protection and elastic comfort, similar to latex.
  • Ergonomic properties of these gloves significantly reduce hands fatigue.
  • Feel the difference with the textured fingertips to ensure that objects are kept in wet and dry conditions.

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, which is not natural and does not contain protein. Nitrile gloves provide excellent sensitivity, fit to the hand, comfort and elasticity. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils, lubricants and offer better wear resistance, high tactile sensitivity and superior properties with respect to tensile strength and puncture.

In comparison with vinyl and latex, nitrile gloves have a number of significant advantages:

  • hypoallergenicity (do not contain powders, powders, talc);
  • resistance to mechanical damage (punctures, cuts, tears), as well as to temperature changes;
  • resistance to chemical effects of acidic alkalis, disinfecting solutions, esters, fats, oils;
  • reliable protection in an environment with a high risk of viral and bacterial contamination;
  • perfectly fit your hands and give you the opportunity to feel even the smallest details in the process of work.

They comply with the standard EN 455-1,2.

Medicom is a global manufacturer of high quality medical and non-medical products for infection control and patient care products. The main brands of Medicom products aremasks Safe + Mask and SafeTouch gloves.

For over 25 years, Medicom has been a leading brand in the glove industry for medical examination and one of the first manufacturers to launch gloves for sale.

Manufacturer: Medicom
Packaging: 50 pairs, 100 pieces per pack
Colour: pink
Density: 4.3 gr
The size: M
Manufacturer country: Malaysia
Material: Nitrile
Powdered: No
Texture: Textured on the fingers

Categories: Gloves, masks

Tags: gloves

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