Brush for gel modeling B (size: 3 /E, pile: nylon, wooden black handle)

Brush for gel modeling B (size: 3 / E, pile: nylon, wooden black handle) is densely packed elastic brushes of small size

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20056322
Model 3/Е, деревянная ручка
Type Кисть
Packaging 1 шт
Gross weight 99 g

Brush for gel modeling B / 3 / E Kodi Professional

A convenient and high-quality brush for gel modeling from Kodi Professional. With such an accessory, the process of creating a quality manicure will become even easier. The brush has a comfortable wooden handle, which is painted in a rich black color. Synthetic nap from quality nylon perfectly holds the shape and does not fall out, thanks to a reliable steel holder. With such a professional tool, you will feel like a true master of manicure.

Categories: Brushes

Tags: paintbrush

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