Brush for acrylic molding № 1005 with a folding handle

Made of high quality natural fiber - columns, with folding handle 1005

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20019839
Model для акриловой лепки №1005 со складной ручкой
Type Кисть
Packaging 1 шт
Gross weight 27 g

Brush for acrylic modeling 1005 with a folding handle. The brush is made of high quality natural fiber - columns. All brushes knit by hand and are carefully selected and tested, easy to use and durable.

Care for nails

So that you do not have to update your arsenal of brushes for painting constantly, it is important to follow the recommendations for caring for them. Like all other tools, brushes like cleanliness. Clean the brush at the end of the work and every time you change the color. If the work used a coating with varnish, first you need to clean the brush with a solvent, and then rinse it in warm water. After cleansing, allow the brushes to dry well and place them in a special case. By following these simple recommendations, you will extend the life of your brushes for a long time.

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