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Mirror powder for nails is a super hit novelty of 2016. This powder is in fact not something new, but simply a special chromium pigment, as well as a chameleon pigment. But the technology of applying this powder to the nails is a real revolution, creating a whole trend in the nail world. Chrome Mirror Powder Nails, as it is called in the world, can be gold, silver and other metallic colors, as well as with the chameleon effect.

The technology of applying a mirror powder is quite simple, but a little mysterious. The powder is rubbed into the gel-lacquer without a sticky layer or into the top without an adhesive layer. How is it rubbed? - you ask. Absolutely amazing way, incomprehensible mind and at the same time really simple! Remove the sticky layer from gel-lacquer or top, or use top / gel-lacquer without a sticky layer and just rub with a brush for shadows, a brush for rubbing, a silicone brush or just a finger. This is either magic, or someone missed the lessons of physics and can not answer you to the question "What is it rubbed into and how is it held". Just believe and try. Mirror powder must be covered! while overlapping the base and top or 2 layers of top with a sticky layer, while sealing the ends well, to avoid chipping.

Stable reflective dust will revitalize your marigolds and provide a truly luxurious mirror effect that you can shine at the next party.
Prepare a mirror powder, gel-varnish, sponge and top (without a sticky layer). A set for a chic manicure is ready!
With it, you can align the structure of the nail, give it a neat and impeccable look and create a unique exclusive shine.

Mode of application

  1. Just apply it with a brush (with a fairly wide brush, not the one that works with gel, but artistic), or just a finger on a sticky layer of colored gel-varnish (on the already dried gel, on the residual sticky layer).
  2. Rub into the nail plate and clean the cuticle of excess glitter.
  3. Dry in a lamp for 1 minute and cover with two layers of top.