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Safe, absolutely harmless thermo-foil for nail design №8

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20006662
Model №8
Type Термо-фольга
Packaging 1 шт
Gross weight 12 g

Thermo foil for nail design №8 - safe and absolutely harmless.

Technology of work with thermo-foil

In order to perform a unique manicure with thermo-foil, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Prepare a nail plate: do a hygienic manicure, create the desired shape of the nail,
  2. Apply on nailsRubber Base and dry it,
  3. With the help of a special toolCleanse remove the sticky layer,
  4. Heat the foil using an electric lamp,
  5. Glue the nail on the foil and trim the remains, or remove withnail files.
  6. Apply finish-gel -Rubber Top and dry in a UV lamp.

Thus, following this simple instruction, you can achieve an original and sustainable effect without unnecessary effort and financial costs. Manicure with thermo-design can be performed equally well both at home and in special salons.

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