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Rhinestones Brilliant Nails Emerald SS3 20 pcs have 12-14 faces, due to which they have a chic luster and are not inferior in quality to more expensive analogues

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Brand Brilliant Nails
Manufacturer's code 3-09-100
Model Emerald SS3 20 шт
Colour зеленый
Type Стразы
Packaging 20 шт
Gross weight 8 g
Form SS3

Rhinestones Brilliant Nails Emerald SS3 20 pcs have the same characteristics as Swarovski rhinestones. Their only difference from their "European brothers" is their value. It is more economical. Rhinestones are an excellent alternative to Swarovski rhinestones. These are machine-cut diamonds (12 facets) of excellent quality and at a more economical price.

Rhinestones - this is a very special adornment, which immediately shows that a person wearing them is not alien to the world of chic and glamor. Rhinestones attract glances, reflecting the light of evening lights, and make their possessor unusually beautiful and mysterious.

Strasses were first started in Austria. The name of the famous Swarovski rhinestones manufacturer is known all over the world.
 Korean rhinestones, like the famous Swarovski rhinestones, are made only from high-quality glass. In fact, the rhinestones of Korea differ only from the Swarovski rhinestones by one: only two faces are exposed to the machine polishing on Korean rhinestones - the upper and lower faces. And since these faces make up 80% of all, they give 80% of the gloss. Agree that a lot. The fact that the cost of rhinestones from Korea is much lower than the Swarovski rhinestones is also encouraging. Thanks to this simple decoration you can easily transform any clothes or accessory, turning it into an original and unique element, and also make a smart manicure, make-up or apply in body art.

A special cut of each pebble strengthens its radiance in the rays of light and guarantees an extraordinary beauty over the color shades. Indispensable for creating a spectacular festive nail art, perfectly fixed due to the presence of a flat base. Do not fade and do not change color when coating with a clear varnish, gel or acrylic.
What tools will be needed to apply rhinestones on the nails?

Before starting to apply the rhinestones, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations and prepare all the necessary materials and tools for this procedure:

  • tweezers with a thin tip;
  • brush; toothpicks or manicure sticks;
  • adhesive for rhinestones;
  • decorative stones of the required color and size.

Production: Korea;
The size: SS3 (1.2 mm);
Colour: Emerald;
Amount in a package: 20 pcs.

Categories: Rhinestones, crystals

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