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Premium decoration for nails (nail-art) and the body will make your manicure exclusive, as well as decorate makeup, biota, painting, Citrine SS3 20 pcs.

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Brand El Studio
Model Citrine SS3 20 шт
Colour желтый
Type Стразы
Packaging 20 шт
Gross weight 8 g
Size 1.4 mm
Form SS3

Rhinestones el Studio Citrine SS3 20 pcs - crystals of cold fixation from el Studio Crystal

PRC, not the original Swarovski premium quality

The famous Swarovski pebbles today in a trend, they decorate clothes, jewelry and other goods. The nail industry has also become an exception - modern masters of manicure offers its clients to apply rhinestones to the marigolds for the purpose of decor. They look like small diamonds due to the multifaceted turning, therefore, they beautifully shimmer from within with all colors. For a similar game of light in these stones, they were loved by many women of fashion. And today they have a huge choice in terms of rhinestones of different species.

Many women of fashion can not resist the pebbles of Swarovski. However, sometimes the price of original decor elements from a well-known brand can "bite". Not everyone has the opportunity to afford them. Meanwhile, there are quite worthy imitations of premium quality, which on nails are virtually indistinguishable from originals.

Rhinestones el Studio Crystal Citrine are ideal as an element of decor in the nail building. They look great on aquarium manicure, as well as nails covered with various colors. In addition, they can be glued to a natural plate, opened with gel-varnish or traditional varnish. The application of pebbles is quite simple. They are captured with a special wax pencil or tweezers. For fixing, an adhesive surface is provided, or a special glue or gel can be used.

Size: SS3 (1.35-1.5 mm)

Color: Crystal Citrine - yellow transparent crystal

Cut: 14 faces

Categories: Rhinestones, crystals

Tags: rhinestones

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