Pigment for gel-varnish el Studio 2 g PIR (light orange, pearl) 5.00 1

Pigment for gel-lacquer el Studio (light orange, pearl) - powder with a pearl ebb to create amazing color effects and shimmering shades, 2 g

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Brand El Studio
Manufacturer's code PIR
Model 2 г PIR (светло-оранжевый, жемчужный)
Effect перламутр, полупрозрачный
Colour оранжевый
Type Пигмент для гель-лака
Packaging 2 г
Gross weight 10 g

Colored pearlescent pigment for gel-varnish el Studio 2 g (light orange, pearl) This is a unique material, thanks to which you can achieve amazing color effects and shimmering shades. The main component is mineral mica covered with special oxides with different refractive angles. Getting to mother-of-pearl, the sun's rays are reflected differently from each layer, creating an amazing pearl luster. Reflected light can change its shades from silvery to golden-copper, red, blue, etc. But in fact the powder does not change its original color, the "pearl" effect creates a bright and intense light.

The main advantages of colored pearl pigment:

  • refers to environmentally friendly odorless products;
  • does not contain harmful impurities and explosives;
  • not subject to combustion, withstands a temperature of 800-900 C;
  • has a high resistance to various chemical reagents;
  • resistant to the environment (sun, frost, water);
  • does not cause skin and mucous irritation;
  • does not conduct electric current;
  • perfectly mixes with pearlescent pigments of other colors, acquiring amazing sparkling effects;
  • easily combined with other dyes;
  • shelf-life Unlimited.

Pearl pigments are used in: nail design; gel-varnishes, gels, gel-colors, acrylic; plastics; leather goods; ink and paper; ceramics; building materials; printing industry; cosmetic products; paints, varnishes and enamels.

Buy pearlescent pigments can be in the form of powder. Easy to use and compatible with other materials makes this shiny powder very attractive for use.


  • mixed with a transparent base (gel /acrylic /gel-lacquer) in a ratio of 1: 3;
  • when mixed with acrylic, it is added to a clear acrylic powder;
  • when mixed with gel, it is added to the transparent gel, mixed to a uniform consistency, after which it is necessary to allow it to settle a little to allow the air bubbles formed during mixing to escape.

Recommendations for the use of pigments

  • You can rubcolor pearl pigment for gel-varnish light orange pearl in a sticky layer of gel-varnish with a brush. Apply top coat for gel-varnish and dry in a lamp.
  • This pigment can be mixed with gel-lacquer or gel-paint (possibly with the addition of a liquid top or base, to avoid wrinkling in the lamp), the proportion of pigment should not exceed 5% of the total mass. Apply top coat for gel-varnish and dry in a lamp.

Pearl supplements look like diamonds playing in the sun. Using fantasy, you are able to independently create a real bestseller or an inimitable masterpiece from anything. Just one jar of pearl powder is enough to create a large, expressive creation.

In our online store there are various colors of mother-of-pearl: gray, purple, pink, green and many others. All presented powders are of high quality, and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Particle size: 1-15 microns.

Material type: dry pigment.

Packing: package 2 g (number in a standard jar).

Categories: Pigment for gel-varnish

Tags: pigment

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