Pigment for gel-varnish el Studio 2 g PIS (silver, metallic) 4.55 3

Pigment for gel-lacquer el Studio (silver, metallic) - powder with metallic tint creating a kind of expensive metal, 2 g

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Brand El Studio
Manufacturer's code PIS
Model 2 г PIS (серебряный, металлик)
Effect металлик
Colour серебристый
Type Пигмент для гель-лака
Packaging 2 г
Gross weight 10 g

Color pigment for gel-varnish el Studio 2 g (silver, metallic) This is a unique material, thanks to which you can achieve amazing color effects and shimmering shades. The main component is mineral mica covered with special oxides.

The main advantages of color pigment:

  • refers to environmentally friendly odorless products;
  • does not contain harmful impurities and explosives;
  • not subject to combustion, withstands a temperature of 800-900 C;
  • has a high resistance to various chemical reagents;
  • resistant to the environment (sun, frost, water);
  • does not cause skin and mucous irritation;
  • does not conduct electric current;
  • perfectly mixed with pigments of other colors;
  • easily combined with other dyes;
  • shelf-life Unlimited.

Pigments are used in: nail design; gel-varnishes, gels, gel-colors, acrylic; plastics; leather goods; ink and paper; ceramics; building materials; printing industry; cosmetic products; paints, varnishes and enamels.

Buy pigments can be in the form of powder. Easy to use and compatible with other materials makes this shiny powder very attractive for use.


  • mixed with a transparent base (gel /acrylic /gel-lacquer) in a ratio of 1: 3;
  • when mixed with acrylic, it is added to a clear acrylic powder;
  • when mixed with gel, it is added to the transparent gel, mixed to a uniform consistency, after which it is necessary to allow it to settle a little to allow the air bubbles formed during mixing to escape.

Recommendations for the use of pigments

  • You can rubcolor pigment for gel-lacquer silver metallic in a sticky layer of gel-varnish with a brush. Apply top coat for gel-varnish and dry in a lamp.
  • This pigment can be mixed with gel-lacquer or gel-paint (possibly with the addition of a liquid top or base, to avoid wrinkling in the lamp), the proportion of pigment should not exceed 5% of the total mass. Apply top coat for gel-varnish and dry in a lamp.

In our online store there are various colors of pigments: gray, purple, pink, green and many others. All presented powders are of high quality, and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Particle size: 1-15 microns.

Material type: dry pigment.

Packing: package 2 g (number in a standard jar).

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