Nail Art Stickers

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Stickers for nails - easily and simply diversify your manicure!

Every girl wants to have a beautiful, fashionable manicure. But there is not always the time or the opportunity to regularly change the shape of the nails, the color of the varnish or the gel coating. One of the easiest ways to diversify your manicure and turn it from everyday to festive and do not spend a lot of time and money is using nail art stickers, or nail stickers.

Stickers allow you to effortlessly turn a discreet manicure into a bright, colorful and original. The modern nail industry has stepped far in front in the development of stickers for nails. Today in manicure stores in Kiev you can find the most amazing, diverse and unlike each other versions of stickers on the nails. Water, on a sticky basis, with holography, with sparkles, transfer and many other varieties can be purchased at affordable cost and diversify your manicure.

Stickers Kodi Professional

On the site of our store you will find everything you need to design your marigolds, including several types of stickers. Stickers Kodi Professional differ in their good appearance, excellent wear resistance, easy to attach to the nails and hold on for a long time. They do not thicken the nail, do not create bumps on it, do not spoil the lacquer coating. The main advantage of Kodi Professional stickers is that they look like fingernails on the nails. Therefore, if you do not have the artistic skills of painting nails and you do not have the time or money for a salon painted manicure, the best solution will be to get the nail stickers in our online store at the best price.

This element of the manicure decor is suitable both for natural nails and for nails. it is extremely easy to use them. In order to place a sticker on the nail, you need to gently pick it up with tweezers, separate it from the cardboard or plastic base, adjust its size and shape with the help of a nail scissors and fix it on the nail in the right place. When the sticker is positioned on the nail the way you want, cover the nail with a fixer in two layers, dry and remove the sticky layer, if necessary. Bright, festive and unusual manicure is ready!