Glitter hexagonal el Studio (gold, hologram) 2 g 4.55 3

It is a small shiny decorative sequins made of thin aluminum or polyester film made in the form of honeycomb, el Studio (gold, hologram) 2 g

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Brand El Studio
Model шестиугольный золотой, голограммный 2 г
Effect мерцание, глиттер, голограммный
Colour золотой
Type Глиттер
Packaging 2 г
Gross weight 10 g
Size 2.5 mm
Form шестиугольник (соты)

Glitter for nails hexagonal el Studio (gold, hologram) 2 g  is a small shiny decorative sequins of thin aluminum or polyester film made in the form of honeycombs. Glitter is resistant to water and a large number of solvents. They are used in nail design.

To use the easiest way to decorate any one-ton coating, you need to know how the glitter is applied to the gel lacquer. For women who try to follow the appearance and condition of the hands and at the same time adhere to fashion trends, it is the sequins that are the favorite decoration of nails

Large iridescent particles are widely used to create both festive and everyday manicure. Each representative of the fair sex can do this design, giving only a slight flicker or covering the abundant nail pollen. Increasingly, glitters are used to cover the helium base in order to maintain a beautiful manicure for as long as possible.

Ideas of manicure with the use of sequins pleasing diversity. Recently, a technique is very popular, according to which all nails are covered in one color, and the nameless fingers are decorated with sequins. It is possible to decorate in the same way several nails or a field of a jacket, which looks quite harmonious. And, of course, you can make a popular French jacket, decorating it with a decorative coating - draw flowers, hearts, animals, etc. and sprinkled with sequins.

The main ways to use glitter with gel varnish

For a brilliant design, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • gel-varnish in different colors;
  • ultraviolet lamp for drying;
  • orange sticks or pusher;
  • brush manicure and artistic;
  • capacity;
  • saws for processing and polishing;
  • glitter for nails hexagonal el Studio (gold, hologram) 2 g.

Let us consider the first method of application. Before applying the glitter on the helium surface, the nails should be treated. That is, they are filed, polished and necessarily processed cuticle. When the nails are prepared, they should be covered with a base thin layer of gel-varnish and wait until the substrate dries, becomes a matte color. After this, it is necessary to apply a thicker layer of gel, which must also be dried in the lamp.

For glitter on the nails it must first be mixed with a small volume of gel-varnish, preferably of a transparent color, in a separate container. The mixed gel-varnish is applied a thin layer on the nails and dried. The amount of sequins is added to the gel-lacquer at its own discretion. You can cover the nail completely or separately any part.

The final stage is to cover another thin layer, but without glitter, which must be dried. Then remove the sticky layer and apply a glossy coating of nails.

To apply sequins in the second way, you will not have to deviate from the previous steps. Nails are also amenable to initial treatment, prepared for manicure by standard methods. After that, they should be covered with gel-varnish, then, after drying - with a thick layer. Here it is necessary to stop, that is, do not dry the last layer, but gently apply to it in the right place and in the required amount of sequins, typing them from the jar with a dry brush.

To make a thin line painting or edging with dry glitter, you need to use orange sticks. The density of the application of shiny sand is regulated independently. At the end of the design dry glitter nails should be dried and remove excess particles with a fluffy brush. Then another layer of gel-varnish is applied and dried. To strengthen the manicure, you should also process the nails with the finish coat.

Packing: package 2 g (number in a standard jar).

The size: 2.5 mm (large)

The form: hexagon (honeycomb)

Categories: Glitter, sequins

Tags: glitter

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