Pearl pink Brilliant Nails (1,5 mm) 1000 pcs

Pearls pink Brilliant Nails (1,5 mm) 1000 pieces are figurines in diameter in 1,5 mm, pink color in the form of hemispheres for creation of unique design on nails

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Brand Brilliant Nails
Manufacturer's code 3
Model розовый (1,5 мм) 1000 шт
Colour розовый
Type Стразы
Packaging 1000 шт
Gross weight 100 g

Pearls for the design of nails are figurines with a diameter of 1.5 mm, pink in the form of hemispheres. This decor helps to create an elegant and unique design on the nails, which is suitable for both everyday and festive manicure. Create a 3D design effect.

Pearl is a unique stone that never goes out of fashion.

Why is that? - pearls of jewelry materials created by living beings. It for many years is formed in the body of mollusks from the grains of sand that have fallen into the shell.
People have been mining pearls for many thousands of years, attracted by its moonlight and wonderful texture. And even industrial cultivation of pearls did not change the attraction that people feel for this stone.

For the nail industry, the use of pearls is a rather expensive decoration, so pearls (pearl imitation) appeared in the form of hemispheres for ease of use on the surface of the nail.

Pearl rhinestones are pleasant to look at and touch, they are light, strong and durable, sufficiently resistant to external influences. Beads with a pearl coating are usually made of a base (glass, crystal, acrylic, metal), on which a special composition is applied, with its ebb like the glow of pearls.

Apply to a sticky layer of gel, lacquer or gel-varnish (or glue for nails). Can be covered with gel, lacquer, gel-varnish.

Method of applying pearls

  1. Cover the nail with a base coat, dry it. Then apply a colored gel-varnish, dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes in a 1-minute LED lamp.
  2. Top coat your nails with a topcoat, except for those on which you plan to apply beads, dry.
  3. To apply pearls you need an orange stick
  4. On the nail, which will be the design of pearls, put a small point of the top cover and lower the bead there, and this is done with each pearl.
  5. After that, the distance between the beads is covered with top coating with a thin brush. We dry in the lamp. We remove the sticky layer with the help of a liquid to remove the sticky layer.

The form: hemispheres
Diameter: 1.5 mm.
Packaged: 1000 pieces

Categories: Bouillons, beads

Tags: rhinestones

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