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Brilliant Nails (Black) 5 grams in appearance resemble droplets of water or particles of natural pearls, accidentally caught on the nails of a woman

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Brand Brilliant Nails
Manufacturer's code B5
Model Черный 5 г
Colour черный
Type Бульонки
Packaging 5 г
Gross weight 10 g

Small broths in appearance resemble droplets of water or particles of natural pearls, accidentally caught on the nails of a woman. This is an excellent option for decoration and decorative design of nails. Due to the excellent color scheme, you can create absolutely any manicure!

At masters of manicure bouillon - this is one of the favorite decorative materials for the design of artificial and natural nails. They will select the constituent elements on the nails, create a three-dimensional appearance, emphasize the element of clothing, hairstyle or use of an interesting decoration in it. A distinctive feature of the material is its low consumption and ease of operation.

Bouillons should be in the nail design kit in each woman's cosmetic bag, since this material does not require the use of any additional tools for fixing to the nails and subsequent removal.

Mode of application:

  1. Apply a colored decorative coating on the nails, close the Bio top / base coat. Dry in the lamp for 2 minutes, remove the sticky layer with a degreaser.
  2. Using the rubber base "Ideal nails" and a brush for painting to make the desired pattern. On top of the base lay the broth, cure in the lamp for 2 minutes. Remove the adhesive layer with a degreaser.
  3. If the whole nail plate is covered with broths, then the rubber base "Ideal nails" should be applied to the entire nail, do not dry in the lamp, fill the nail plate with the desired color broth, polymerize in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Remove residual tack with degreaser.

Manufacturer: Brilliant Nails
Colour: The black
The weight: 5 grams

Categories: Bouillons, beads

Tags: bouillon

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