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  • 100% в наличии
    Pearl beads (2 mm) 100 pcs
    Pearl beads (2 mm) 100 pcs
    15 грн.
    от 1000 грн 10% - 13.50 грн.
    от 2000 грн 15% - 12.75 грн.
  • Bouquets transparent rainbow 2.5 g
    Bouquets transparent rainbow 2.5 g
    30 грн.
    от 1000 грн 10% - 27 грн.
    от 2000 грн 15% - 25.50 грн.
  • Half-beads pearls (chameleon) 2 mm 100 pcs
    Half-beads pearls (chameleon) 2 mm 100 pcs
    15 грн.
    от 1000 грн 10% - 13.50 грн.
    от 2000 грн 15% - 12.75 грн.

Brokers - beads for decorating nails today is very popular with women of fashion.

Nails are covered with tiny round beads, which in their appearance resemble a brilliant caviar. This option is unlikely to be the right choice for everyday wear, but here on special occasions, when a girl so wants to shine, bouillon for nails (after all, this is the name for the decor for "caviar" manicure) will help out the best, especially since this is the trend one of the trend in modern nail-art. This season brought the fashion to decorate the nails with small broths of iridescent hues, also a special manicure, in which nails resemble tiny canapes with black caviar. But a special solemnity and touching tenderness to any female image will be given by the nail art, made with pearly-pearly beads.

To experiment with this kind of nail design, you need a bit of a little:

  • decorative varnish or gel-varnish,
  • bouillon for manicure,
  • special funnel and tray.

If you are not yet ready to cover with beads the entire surface of the nail, rightly believing that this technique requires practice and skills, then you can select with their help a certain element of painting or pattern, giving them the effect of 3D. By the way, in order to fix the bouillon most firmly, buy a gel or acrylic better, and in order to decorate the nail decorated with such a method in contact with surfaces and clothes, do not lose the beads-ornaments, you should use the fixer.

Spread this decor on a nail, covered with a fresh layer of varnish, gel or acrylic. For convenience, it is recommended to use a wet orange stick. After completing the work with the broth, let the varnish or any other base dry well and fix the decor, and then cover the nails with the final fixer. Using bouillon, it is important not to overdo it and know the measure. By the way, the manicure looks stylish, where only one nail on the hand is decorated with beads in the tone of the main shade or in sharp contrast with it.

Choosing soup, you need to pay attention to their size, because the beads are large and small.