Tweezers for eyelash extensions К 10 5.00 1

Tweezers for eyelash extensions K 10 has a curved shape and is made of high-quality hard metal

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20050405
Model К 10
Type Пинцет
Packaging 1 шт
Gross weight 100 g
Size 10 cm

Thanks to the rapid development of technologies in the beauty industry, now every woman can have beautiful eyelashes and feel confident. To perform the procedure at a high professional level and avoid negative consequences, the master must use high-quality materials and comfortable maneuvering tools. It should be borne in mind that each technology of building requires the use of tweezers of different shapes. In the range of tools for eyelashes KODI PROFESSIONAL you will find professional tweezers of different shapes and sizes, enabling you to perfectly perform even the most delicate manipulations.

Tweezer K 10 is one of the most convenient and in demand among the masters. The tweezers have a curved shape and are made of high-quality hard metal, due to which it does not bend or deform. The tool is universal in purpose, suitable for all techniques, but is especially convenient for volumetric techniques. The tight clamping of the working edges facilitates the capture of the eyelashes and facilitates easy beam modeling. The tweezers have an easy turn of the wings and help prevent unnecessary tension of the hands during operation.

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Tags: tweezers

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