Gel-plasticine KOTO №3 5 g (beige)

Gel-plasticine KOTO №3 5 g (beige) special material that helps to create a volumetric design on the nails

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Brand KOTO
Manufacturer's code 2300980000354
Model 3D-gel №3 (бежевый) 5 г
Colour бежевый
Type Гель-пластилин
Packaging 5 г
Gross weight 13 g

Gel-plasticine KOTO №3 5 g (beige) - a modern composition that allows masters of manicure to create a voluminous stucco decoration on natural and accrued nails.

3D gel-plasticine - an indispensable material for working in the technique of three-dimensional design. A saturated color is great for making laces on nails.

In the CUTO palette there is a wide range of shades. The consistency of gel-plasticine is excellent for sculptural design, which allows you to create elements for decorating your nails without unnecessary effort.

3D gel-plasticine KOTO is a ready-to-use composition that has a consistency that is optimal for sculptural design and a wide range of shades. It is very convenient to create various elements for nail decoration from it, because the material itself retains its plasticity and hardens only under the influence of UV rays in the ultraviolet or LED lamp.

Gel-plasticine is also an excellent substitute for acrylic. It does not need to be pre-mixed with the monomer, and it also has an important advantage - the absence of an unpleasant odor. This is of great importance for people prone to allergies.

From 3D gel-plasticine it is possible to make elements for different types of manicure design - lace, flowers, floral ornaments, landscape compositions and everything that the imagination of the designer will allow. Patterns of gel-plasticine look stylish and festive.

With 3D plasticine usually work with the nails after they are covered with gel-varnish and top, from which you need to remove the sticky layer. You can use the top without an adhesive layer.

The polymerization time in the ultraviolet lamp is 2 minutes, in the LED - 1 minute.

Manufacturer: KOTO
A country: United States
The weight: 5 grams
Colour: beige

Categories: Gel-plasticine Koto

Tags: gel plasticine

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