Gel-plasticine F.O.X Sculpture gel 001, 5 ml (black)

Gel-plasticine F.O.X Sculpture gel 001, 5 ml (black) is a soft, pleasant material in work, taking stable forms for 3D modeling on the nail plate

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Brand F.O.X
Manufacturer's code 3d-001
Model Sculpture gel 001 (черный) 5 мл
Colour черный
Type Гель-пластилин
Packaging 5 мл
Gross weight 13 g

Gel-plasticine F.O.X Sculpture gel 001, 5 ml (black) - effective, soft and pleasant in work means.

The tool is intended to create stable forms for three-dimensional modeling on the surface of the nail plate. He facilitates the work of the master of nail service, making it more comfortable and professional.

Mode of application:

  1. Prepare the nail plate, apply a colored gel-varnish, remove the sticky layer.
  2. With a brush (it is better to moisten the brush in the liquid to remove the sticky layer) or just a finger, we put plasticine on the surface of the nail.
  3. Brush neatly with the glue the desired shape of the clay, and make the design work by dotting the drawing. Sushim in the UV lamp 2 minutes, in the ICE - 30 seconds.
  4. It is not necessary to block this design, the clay is very tight on the gel-lacquer itself.

Incredibly plastic and soft material, with which even novice masters can easily master the technique of sculptural volumetric molding without problems. Plasticine gel for modeling does not spread, it keeps shape well and allows creating "sculptures" for nail design of any complexity. The gel-plasticine does not freeze in the air, allowing even the finest details and lines to be perfected. For the polymerization of gel-plasticine, both UV lamps and LEDs are suitable.

The polymerization time: in the LED-lamp - 30-60 seconds, in the usual UV lamp 36 watts - 2 minutes. It is removed by cutting.

Manufacturer- F.O.X
A country - United States
Scope - 5 ml
Colour - the black

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