Gel-paint M-in-M №08 5 g (Green)

Gel-paint M-in-M №08 5 g (Green) of a dense consistence with a saturated pigment. Used for all types of nail design, jacket, mural

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Brand M-in-M
Model №08 5 г (Green)
Colour зеленый
Type Гель-краска
Packaging 5 г
Gross weight 17 g

Gel-paint M-in-M №08 5 g (Green) Dense consistency with a saturated pigment. It is used for all types of nail design, coat, painting. Apply to 1 coat. Does not spread and does not bake when applied to the nail. Do not burn, do not chip and do not turn yellow on the nails. You can create additional colors by mixing the basic colors.

Polymerize with a 36W UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, or a 36 or 48W LED bulb for 30 seconds.

The product has excellent quality. Does not contain unpleasant odor. Gel-paint is supplied with the certificate of quality of the Ukrainian sample.

Manufacturer: M-in-M
A country: Poland
Colour: Green
The weight: 5 g

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Tags: gel paint

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