Gel Paint Canni

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Gel-paint Canni 5 ml is an amazing hybrid of gel with a paint that can dry out under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp. It allows you to create a unique manicure on different in length, shape nails and enjoy elegant patterns until the next correction! It can be used for nail design or cover the entire nail plate.

The tool is very bright and saturated color, due to which it becomes possible to draw the finest lines and the embodiment of any ideas. Having a fairly thick consistency, it does not spread over the nail surface, but spreads easily and quickly, without requiring filing. Thanks to a special formula, gel coat Canni is suitable for both natural and artificial marigolds.

Among the main advantages of gel-paint - the ability to mix with each other to get original and unique colors and shades. When mixing, the properties are not lost and quality does not deteriorate, but unlimited possibilities for the embodiment of ideas and creative experiments are opened!

Mode of application: apply to artificial - gel or acrylic. Dry this coating should be in a special ultraviolet lamp.

CANNI products are:

  • Wealth and variety of color palette, corresponding to the demanding taste of modern women.
  • High quality, providing convenience and ease of operation.
  • Safe formula - does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde.
  • Does not contain substances harmful to work and nails.
  • Has no unpleasant smell.

Manufacturer: Canni
A country: China
Size: 5 ml