Gel-lacquer Nice For You Metalik

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Gel-lacquer Nice For You Metalik 8.5 ml has an ideal smooth, reflective coating and a unique shine. Gel-lacquer has a deep saturated color, a self-leveling structure and easily lies on the nail pasture. Chromium gel-lacquer metallic is represented by a rich color scheme and corresponding fashion trends. Gel-varnish coating perfectly holds on natural and artificial nail plates for up to three weeks. Gel-lacquer metallic is a hybrid of lacquer, gel and metal particles. In fact, it is a substance that can be used as a paint.

It is applied to the nail surface using a special technology:

  • base-top without sticky layer
  • metallic (air-dried)
  • fasten with a top without a sticky layer.

Manufacturer: Nice For You
A country: Ukraine
Effect: metallic
Size: 8.5 ml