Gel-lacquer Nice For You

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Gel-lacquer Nice For Youis a gel with the addition of a colored pigment, which is usually used as a topcoat.

The gel-varnish polymerizes in LED, UV-lamp. To achieve the ideal color, two thin layers are sufficient. Typically, the polymerization time is 2 minutes. in the UV lamp, 30 seconds in the LED.

Advantages of gel-varnish:

  • quickly cures, which reduces the risk of lubrication;
  • Do not weight your nails, as it is applied in a thin layer;
  • suitable for brittle nails, makes them stronger and more elastic;
  • hypoallergenic, since it does not contain harmful and irritating substances;
  • convenient in application;
  • Keeps shine and integrity on the nails for a long time;
  • rushes for more than a month.

Manufacturer: Nice For You
A country: Ukraine