Gel-lac COTO Holographic No. 827 (pink, micro-globules) 5 ml

Gel-lacquer COTO Holographic No. 827 (pink) retains its rich colors and shine up to 3 weeks, does not peel, does not peel, is used for natural and accreted nails

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Brand KOTO
Manufacturer's code koto827
Model №827 (розовый, микроблестки) 5 мл
Effect микроблестки
Colour малиновый
Type Гель-лак
Packaging 5 мл
Gross weight 45 g

Choosing gel-varnish for home or salon use, pay attention to three-phase gel varnishes Koto. This manufacturer is well known in our country, so many masters of manicure and simply not indifferent to stylish decorative manicure users prefer this brand.

Gel-lacquer COTO Holography No. 827 5 ml (pink, micro-globules) This is absolutely perfect solution for a modern woman who appreciates time and wants to always look stylish. They retain their rich colors and shine up to 3 weeks, do not chip, do not peel. They can be applied to both natural and exotic nails.

Incredibly resistant gel-varnishes Koto will please any girl with its color palette, low price and quality!
Three-phase gel-varnishes KOTO deserve special attention, because the quality of the gel-varnish surpasses many other representatives of this class. Thanks to the unique gel-lacquer formula, the application and coating process is simple, and the result is stunning. KOTO perfectly lays down on the nail plate, without creating lumens. You will receive a persistent and beautiful manicure that will please you. Everyone will be able to pick the right color, because the palette consists of a large number of shades and different series.

If you follow the latest trends in fashion in manicure, you will certainly find among the Koto lacquer gel your own color.
Applying Keto lacquer gel is not more difficult than conventional lacquer or any other gel-lacquer.

Technology of applying three-phase gel-varnish KOTO

  1. Degrease the nail plate and apply a thin layer of the base coat of KOTO gel-lacquer to the nails. Do not forget to seal the butt of the nail. Polymerization in the UV lamp 36 watts - 2 minutes, in the LED lamp - 30 seconds.
  2. After applying the base, cover the nails with one or two layers of colored gel-varnish, sealing the free edge of the nail and also polymerizing each layer separately in a 30-second LED lamp or in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  3. Next, apply a top coat of gel-varnish and dry in a LED lamp for 30 seconds or in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Top KOTO is well self-leveling and leaves your nails perfectly even, and also gives them a significant shine.
  4. If you use a topcoat of KOTO with a sticky layer, remove it after polymerization by means for removing the sticky layer.
  5. Finishing KOTO without an adhesive layer does not require additional processing.

Manufacturer: Koto
A country: United States
Size: 5 ml
Effect: microfiber
Colour: pink

Categories: Koto Gel Lacquer 5 ml

Tags: gel polish

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