Base Coat Base Catat 14ml

Base coat KOTO Base Coat 14 ml incredibly convenient for application, has a fairly liquid consistency, economical to use

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Brand KOTO
Manufacturer's code base14
Model Base Coat 14 мл
Type База для гель-лака
Packaging 14 мл
Gross weight 62 g

Base Coat Base Coat 14 ml - this is a soluble (Soak Off) economic tool, which has no analogues. With the correct use of the master, one jar is enough for a period of six months to one and a half years of constant use.

The base coat provides a reliable grip even when applied with a very thin layer and almost dry brush.

The base is mainly used in the three-phase coating system from CTO, but it can also be used as a base coat in a single-phase system for extending the socks of the coating for up to two weeks.

The base of KOTO is applied at a distance of 0.5-1mm from the lateral ridges and cuticles. During the application, the end of natural nails is sealed in the area of ​​the free edge.

The polymerization time of the coating in the UV lamp is 2 minutes, in the LED lamp 30 seconds.

Manufacturer: KOTO
A country: United States
Size: 14 ml

Categories: Koto Gel Lacquer 10 ml Gel-lacquers KOTO

Tags: base

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