Gel-lacquer GGA

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Gel Lacquer GGA Professional has a dense, saturated color, which is applied absolutely evenly and simply in 2 layers, does not fade and does not crack.

Convenient application of gel varnish, will significantly reduce the time of the coating procedure, increase the quality of socks, and also help in forming the correct reputation of the nail technician.

Removes any liquid to remove the gel varnish. The palette contains about 200 colors.

Mode of application:

  • First you need to prepare a nail plate:
  • Lightly treat the surface of the nail with a buff, then, degrease it with a special tool
  • Apply to the cleared nail an acid-free primer
  • Distribute the selected base and polymerize it using a UF or Led lamp
  • The next step, type on the brush the chosen shade of gel varnish and evenly distribute it on the plate in one or two layers
  • Cover your nails with top cover
  • Your manicure is ready

Manufacturer: GGA Professional
A country: USA