Gel-varnishes Canni Peacock's tail

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Decoration of the manicure is more and more gaining popularity, many brands produce different types of decor for nails. To simplify the work of the master, manufacturers produce various novelties with an easier way of using them. TM Canni is one of the leading brands in the market of neil materials.

The novelty of the brand, which will not leave anyone indifferent - it's gel-lacquer Peacock's tail. All varnishes from the collection of peacock tail look bright, festive and beautiful. Gel-lacquer is applied without difficulty, has a thick consistency and does not spread. This shellac keeps well on the nails, preserves color and brightness, does not form chips and cracks during socks.

Gel-lac Canni Peacock's tail (dense sequins) 7.3 ml Do not leave indifferent lovers of exquisite and sustainable manicure. The Peacock Gel CANNI gel varnish palette is available in 6 colors.

Its use is no different from applying a classic gel-varnish. As any decorative gel-lacquer it can be applied both on several nails, and on all nails.

Application of gel-varnish Peacock's tail:

  • Grind it with a bafa, with the nail file, we give the nail the desired length and shape.
  • We put the primer, do not dry it.
  • Then we put the base and dry it in the UV / LED lamp.
  • We apply a gel-lacquer of any color as a substrate and again dry in a lamp. Best of all, this gel-lacquer looks black (gel-lac Canni 161).
  • Then we apply gel-varnish peacock's tail in two layers. Dry after each applied layer in the lamp 30/120 seconds.
  • The final step is to cover the top with no sticky layer.

And you have on your hands an amazing manicure that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Manufacturer: Canni
Effect: dense sequins
Size: 7.3 ml