Gel-varnishes Canni, 7.3 ml

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Quite easy to use gel varnish, designed to provide a chic manicure, which lasts several weeks. It is developed on the basis of a new technology, due to which it can boast an even more saturation shade and enviable durability.

Gel-lac Canni 7.3 ml differs in dense color, simplicity in drawing, absence of a sharp smell. There are no potentially hazardous components in the formulation, such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. The innovative formula allows the gel-varnish to polymerize in the UV lamp in just two minutes. It quickly and completely dissolves in eight to ten minutes, perfectly combined with the base and finish coatings of other brands.

Each bottle of gel-lacquer is painted in the color of the contents, equipped with a comfortable brush made of natural material. Thanks to the bright, rich, rich and varied palette of hues, you can choose the perfect varnish for any mood.

Mode of application: Preparation of the nail plate to the coating with gel-varnish. Removal of the upper keratin layer of the nail plate. Applying the base gel. Application of gel-varnish.

CANNI products are:

  • Wealth and variety of color palette, corresponding to the demanding taste of modern women.
  • High quality, providing convenience and ease of operation.
  • Safe formula - does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde.
  • Does not contain substances harmful to work and nails.
  • Has no unpleasant smell.

Gann-varnish Canni is:

  • A beautiful package that matches the color
  • Flat professional brush
  • Easy to work: easy to apply, does not spread, does not shrink and does not frown
  • Dense pigmentation
  • Excellent quality: well held, no chips and cracks
  • Easy removal
  • Volume - 7.3 ml
  • Affordable price

Manufacturer: Canni
A country: China
Size: 7.3 ml