Gel-lacquer Kodi «Moon light» №785 (lime, magnetic) 5.00 3

Gel-lacquer with the effect of a cat's eye. Metal particles, thanks to the use of a magnet, rise from the total mass of gel-lacquer and create a flare of Kodi flare No. 785 (lime, magnetic)

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20031619
Model «Moon light» №785 (лайм, магнитный) 7 мл
Effect шиммер, кошачий глаз
Colour зеленый
Type Магнитный гель-лак
Packaging 7 мл
Gross weight 49 g

Gel-lacquer Kodi «Moon light» №785 (lime, magnetic) gives you the opportunity to capture on the nails one of the most trendy effects - the effect of a cat's eye stone.

The effect is achieved with a magnet. Metal particles, thanks to the use of a magnet, rise from the total pigmented mass of the gel-lacquer and create the effect of chrysoberyl, which is famous for its flashing light.

Features of the gel-varnish collection Moon light:

  • pigmented color and high degree of firmness;
  • dense plastic structure ensures easy and uniform application;
  • Easily removable when softened with a special agentTips Off.
  • is used as aspecial magnet to obtain a stunning volumetric stone effect Cat's eye, and without a magnet, as an independent, bright coating.
  • the effect of glare persists from the moment of application until the removal of gel-varnish.
  • suitable for application to natural and accreted nails.

Application technology Gel-lacquer Kodi «Moon light» №785 (lime, magnetic)

Step 1 (preparatory):

Step 2 (main):

  • we applyRubber Base a thin layer (2 min in a UV lamp 36W, in a LED lamp 8W -30 sec);
  • we put on the nail plate Gel-lacquer Kodi «Moon light» №785 (lime, magnetic), we bring to it a magnet at a distance of 3-5 mm for 5-7 seconds. Then we polymerize (2 min in UV lamp 36W, in LED lamp 8W - 30 sec). Similarly, we apply a second layer of gel-varnish;
  • we apply top coatingRubber Top (4 min in the UV lamp 36W, in the LED lamp 8W - 60 sec);

Step 3 (final)

To remove the gel-varnish you will need a remedyTips Off Kodi Professional.

Enjoy your work!

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