Kodi Gel Lacquer 30 ml






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    Rubber Base Kodi Professional Rubber Base 35 ml
    Rubber Base Kodi Professional Rubber Base 35 ml
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    Rubber topcoat Kodi Professional Rubber Top 35 ml
    Rubber topcoat Kodi Professional Rubber Top 35 ml
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    от 1000 грн - 297 грн.
    от 2000 грн - 280.50 грн.
  • Gel-lacquer 30 ml №90 (plum, enamel)
    Gel-lacquer 30 ml №90 (plum, enamel)
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    от 2000 грн - 195.50 грн.

Kodi gel-varnish 30 ml is a successful hybrid of usual nail polish and gel for building. Using the gel-lacquer Cody once, you will not want to go back to the usual varnish. This is a strong manicure, which lasts about 14 days and does not lose its original brightness. What could be better? You can get it right now in our online store.

Why the gel-lac Cody 30 ml?

The modern nail industry is developing so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to even grasp all the nuances. Normal nail polish has long ago gone to the background, and their place is firmly occupied by gel varnishes, and not without reason. Externally, your manicure and pedicure with gel-varnish can not be distinguished from a similar one, but with the use of usual varnish. But the difference is, and significant. Sustainability is what Gadi-laki Cody offers you. A wide palette of shades will help to choose a color for any occasion of life.

An important advantage of gel-varnishes is the immediate effect. We, finally, can forget about the long and painful process of drying, which takes us so much time. Among other things, gel-varnishes can make your nail plate stronger and adjust the shape of the nail. All varnishes that you see on this site do not cause an allergic reaction and other unpleasant sensations, since they are made from safe components. Gel-lacquer 30 ml is contained in a convenient flacon, and the container is ideal for beginners who only get acquainted with the product.

Buy gel-lac Cody 30 ml you can in our online store right now, and forever forget about such problems as:

  • Rolling of varnish,
  • The shortage,
  • Loss of color,
  • Flaking.

In addition to all the above advantages, it is also worth noting that on our website you can buy gel-lacquer at very affordable prices, and also get it at a convenient time for you.

A little about the process

In order to create the perfect manicure with gel-varnish, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sequence of work.

  1. Cooking nails: model the desired shape, make a hygienic manicure and grind the nail.
  2. For better adhesion of the nail to the gel, degrease it with a specialNail fresher.
  3. Apply the baseRubber Base orBase Top 2 in 1. Apply carefully in a thin layer, then dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  4. Now we put a color coating, also a thin layer and dry in a lamp.
  5. We put the finish -Rubber Top and dried in a lamp.
  6. ThroughCleanse remove the sticky layer.

Well-groomed beautiful nails have always been the calling card of any woman, so do not deny yourself such pleasure. Forget about the previous inconveniences and problems and enjoy the process! All this can be obtained right now in our online store!