Shellac CND Wild Moss (silver-gray-greenish shimmer)

CND Shellak Wild Moss gel has an incredible strength and durability of the coating, which retains its appearance for at least 14-17 days, lack of chips and damages, ease of application and removal

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Brand CND
Manufacturer's code Wild Moss
Model Shellac Wild Moss (серебристо-серо-зеленоватый шиммер)
Effect шиммер
Colour серебристый
Type Гель-лак
Packaging 7.3 мл
Gross weight 42 g

Shellac CND Wild Moss 7.3 ml (silver-gray-greenish shimmer) is an original and innovative gel-varnish from the famous American company Creative Nail Design (CND). CND Shellac Wild Moss is quickly applied, instantly dries, worn long without chips and is removed in a matter of minutes.

Wild Moss - greyish-olive with silvery flickering. Stylish, noble, intriguing olive shade with a light silvery shimmer ... Incredibly inviting, its shine is like created for the spring sun, which will give him a magical flicker, attracting the glances of others!

CND Shellac coating is based on patented UV3 technology, which combines the simplicity of applying varnish and the resistance of the gel to chips and scratches.

Easy removal in 10 minutes without cutting and traumatizing the nail plate, instant drying in the ultraviolet lamp, enhanced protection and strengthening of the nail plate. As a result - 14 days of unsurpassed manicure, persistent color and dazzling brilliance.

Also, CND Shellac is a formula 7 Free - the whole system does not contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate and is absolutely harmless and hypoallergenic. Shellac is absolutely safe: it does not smell and does not contain substances harmful to health, and therefore is not contraindicated in pregnancy and feeding.

Easy to apply:

  • Shellac is ideal for application - after all, it is applied like a normal varnish with a brush from the bottle. The latter has a flat shape, which allows you to completely and completely quickly cover the entire surface of the nail.
  • Shellac has no odor, so it does not cause any discomfort to either the client or the master.
  • Shellac does not require the cutting of natural nails and the use of a primer. Before applying the drug, it is enough to rub the nail surface with Scrub Fresh degreaser from CND.
  • Shellac freezes only in the UV lamp, so before polymerization it can be adjusted at any time and avoid lubrication of the coating when drying.
  • Nails with Shellac are very light, like fingernails with varnish, and do not become heavier, as in modeling. They look spectacular and natural!

Ideal resistance:

  • The coating does not chip and stays on the nails for two weeks, which makes it ideal for both manicure and pedicure, especially during holidays and business trips.
  • Shellac is durable and has a high adhesion to a natural nail, like a gel. This is a real wand-a rescue, even for those who do not have varnish for more than 2-3 days. They can be used by those who want to strengthen their natural nails, because it adds a soft and thin nails hardness, and tough and brittle - flexibility.
  • Shellac, like all coatings of CND Corporation, does not harm the natural nail at all. It is marked with the symbol "3 Free", i.e. does not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and even its resins.
  • Shellac is hypoallergenic - there are no substances in the preparation, which most often cause allergic reactions.
  • Shellac is designed to expand the range of services of any salon to meet the needs of customers who do not recognize modeling drugs and do not want to have artificial nails for any reason.
  • Shellac, like the varnish, allows you to select the color of the cover to any wardrobe and occasion of life. After all the palette of shades is wide: from gentle pastel to bright and sated colors.

Simple removal:

  • Shellac is removed as a varnish in minutes using a specially developed CND Shellac Nourishing Remover fluid without additional cutting. The drug does not damage natural nails and does not require a break in wearing.

As a result, we have the following advantages of CND Shellac:

  • Simplicity of imposing.
  • Does not require training.
  • Without stripping the nail and applying primer.
  • Strengthens the nails.
  • Does not increase the nails.
  • Color consistency.
  • Speed ​​of service.
  • Quick and "clean" removal.
  • Duration of socks.
  • Excellent appearance.
  • Hypoallergenic, no odor.
  • Excellent covering ability.
  • Low cost price.
  • 2 minutes - the drying time of the coating in the UV lamp.
  • 14 days - luxurious manicure without chips and scratches.
  • 8 minutes - the time of safe removal of the coating.
  • 30 minutes - the time of the procedure.

Secure yourself against fakes, buy gel-varnishes CND Shellac on our website and you are guaranteed to receive an original and high-quality product that will please you or your customers.

Manufacturer: CND;
A country: United States;
Colour: silvery-gray-greenish
Size: 7.3 ml;
Effect: shimmer

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Tags: gel polish

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