Intercosmo IL Magnifico Mini Intensive Spray Mask "10 in 1" 12 ml 4.88 9

A revolutionary remedy in the world of professional hair products - indelible spray mask IL Magnifico Mini 12 ml

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Brand Intercosmo
Model Intercosmo IL Magnifico Mini интенсивная спрей-маска "10 в 1" 12 мл
Type Маска
Packaging 12 мл
Gross weight 50 g

Modern life is a constant movement, dynamics, speed. Understanding the needs of our customers, TM Intercosmo offers a travel-format of a popular tool!

Intercosmo IL Magnifico Mini (Il Magnifico Mini) Intensive 10-in-1 spray mask is a unique remedy for your hair, which is always with you, always at hand.

Packaging: spray bottle 12 ml.

Intercosmo IL Magnifico (Il Magnifico)  combining the instantaneous effect and 10 advantages:

  1. restores damaged hair;
  2. disciplines curly hair;
  3. provides thermal protection when using a hair dryer and ironing for hair;
  4. facilitates easier combing;
  5. gives shine;
  6. protects the color;
  7. reduces the tangling of hair;
  8. strengthens the natural volume;
  9. prevents the appearance of split ends;
  10. It is used as a means of easy fixation.

Application:On washed, towel-dried hair: spray the required amount (from 2 to 6 sprays) of the spray mask over the entire length of the hair, depending on the condition and length of the hair. Proceed to the usual for you styling.

On dry hair: apply a small amount of spray mask on your hands and stretch along the entire length.

Active components:

Panthenol is an effective moisturizer. It covers the hair, compacts the surface, makes the hair stronger and more elastic, gives shine, nourishes the hair, helps reduce the formation of split ends. When exposed to high temperatures, it retains moisture in the hair. Has no cumulative effect.

Amino acids silk - penetrate into the damaged hair, restore and protect the hair from external influences. Smooth the scales of the cuticle. Contribute to retaining moisture in the hair.
Antistatic components - allows to avoid the accumulation of static electricity on the hair.

Volatile silicones - effectively protects hair during thermal bonding and with a drop in air temperature. Form a thin protective film on the surface of the hair, glue the split ends, fix the hair and give the hair an attractive sheen.

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