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Hydroperite consists of hydrogen peroxide and urea. This compound allows you to very effectively discolour hair 100 grams

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Hydroperite 100 g (Hydroperitum) - hydrogen peroxide clathrate with urea (urea). When dissolved in water, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide (neutral harmless compound, used as food additive E927b) is obtained. The content of hydrogen peroxide in the compound is 34.01%. International name: Urea peroxide.

Applies to:

  • In cosmeticsAs an oxidizing agent for hair clarifiers and permanent paints. Urea contained in the hydroperite contributes to a better penetration of peroxide into the structure of the hair.
  • In medicine  as an antiseptic. Has a disinfecting, deodorizing, hemostatic effect. When exposed to damaged skin or mucous membranes, active oxygen is released, mechanical purification and inactivation of organic substances occurs.
  • To clean the pool Use hydroperite dissolved in water which corresponds to perhydrol. Calculation: 700 grams per 1 ton of water (1 cube).

Lightening hair with hydroperitis

To lighten and discolor hair, you will need:

  • powder or hydroperitic tablets;
  • syringe;
  • porcelain or glassware;
  • flour;
  • ammonia;
  • liquid soap;
  • fat cream;
  • towel;
  • rubber gloves and goggles.


  1. Take 15 g of powder or 10 tablets of hydroperite and grind them. Add (for convenience use a syringe) water according to the table below. To prepare high concentrations, use hot water and dissolve in a hot water bath. All manipulations are carried out in porcelain or glassware, preferably in rubber gloves and goggles.
  2. Concentration necessary for different types of hair: for lightening of thick hair 7-12%, hair of medium thickness 5-11%, fine hair 3-7%.
  3. To determine the amount of water and the concentration obtained, use the following table:
    • 3% - 15 g of hydroperite - 166 ml of water
    • 4% - 15 g of hydroperite - 121 ml of water
    • 5% - 15 g of hydroperite - 94 ml of water
    • 6% - 15 g of hydroperite - 75 ml of water
    • 7% - 15 g of hydroperite - 63 ml of water
    • 8% - 15 g of hydroperite - 53 ml of water
    • 9% - 15 g of hydroperite - 46 ml of water
    • 10% - 15 g of hydroperite - 40 ml of water
    • 11% - 15 g of hydroperite - 35 ml of water
    • 12% - 15 g of hydroperite - 31 ml of water
    • 15% - 15 g of hydroperite - 22 ml of water
    • 20% - 15 g of hydroperite - 12 ml of water (mixing in a water bath is required)
    • 25% - 15 g of hydroperite - 7 ml of water (mixing in a water bath is required)
    • 30% - 15 g of hydroperite - 3 ml of water (mixing in a water bath is required)
    • 34% - 15 g of hydroperite - 1 ml of water (mixing in a water bath is required)
  4. The ratios in the table are valid when calculating the proportion. For example: to prepare 100 g of a 10% solution, take 15 * (15 + 40) / 100 = 27 g of hydroperite and 100-27 = 73 g of water.
  5. Add the usual wheat flour to the thickening solution. Apply the mixture to the hair for 7-10 minutes, then rinse with running water. This method is suitable for lightening hair on the body.
  6. To lighten hair on the head, take 3 g of powder or grind 2 tablets of hydroperite, add to them 2 ampoules of ammonia. The resulting mixture pour into a tablespoon of shampoo. Apply the shampoo to the hair for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with running water. Be prepared for the fact that from the first time it is not always possible to lighten the hair to the desired tone. In addition, they can turn yellow.
  7. To lighten individual strands of hair on the head, take 6 grams of powder or 4 tablets of hydroperite. Add a teaspoon of liquid soap, shampoo or shaving cream and a teaspoon of ammonia.
  8. Cover your shoulders with a towel, spread the cream over the hair growth line with a fat cream. Wear rubber gloves. Using cotton wool, evenly apply the prepared composition to lighten the strands of hair, retreating from the roots by 0,8-10 mm. Hold for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Features of the use of hydroperite

  • Before the hydroperitol lightens the hair, the head can not be washed for at least a day. Fat will prevent skin damage;
  • The composition should be applied to dry unwashed hair and held for five to ten minutes, depending on the desired effect. Rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure after two to three days, if the effect is not satisfied.

Often use hydroperite for discoloration or lightening of hair is not recommended, because the constituent hydrogen peroxide damages the hair.

Lightening hair hydroperitone, the scalp close to the hair growth line should be greased with a fat cream in order to avoid a burn. If the product has got into the eyes, they must be rinsed with plenty of water.

With the help of hydropyrites, it is also possible to perform hair straightening, lightening their individual strands. In this case, the composition is applied at a distance of one centimeter from the roots, and the time of its exposure is increased to 15 minutes.

Before using hydroperite to remove or discolor hair, it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction. Do not use this tool for women with sensitive and dry skin, as well as for those who have the ends of their hair.

Hydroperite for hair removal

With the help of hydroperitone, you can remove hair on your hands, legs or armpits. To remove hair above the lip, it is better not to use this product, as this can lead to irritation on the face and dry skin.

Depending on the quality of the hair, this process will have to be repeated several times, approximately every two days. Hard and dark hair, most likely, it is impossible to completely remove, but to achieve their clarification and structure change is quite realistic. Due to this, they will become almost invisible.

Before removing hair, you need to buy hydroperite and prepare a 15% solution in water. It is this concentration that will best allow to remove unwanted vegetation on the body.

To prepare the composition, three tablets are sufficient, which must be thoroughly crushed or 4.5 g of powder and diluted in 10 milliliters of water. To measure the required amount of water, it is most convenient to use a measuring cup.

Next, 10 drops of ammonia are added to this solution, all are carefully shaken and applied to problem areas of the skin. After waiting for the complete drying of the agent, repeat its application to the body. After a couple of days the procedure is repeated, and so until the desired result is obtained.

Some women in order to make the composition more dense, and they were more convenient to use, add wheat flour to it.


The above procedures are carried out at your own risk. In case of side effects - urgently consult a doctor.

Antiseptic action of hydroperitis is not sterilizing, there is a temporary decrease in the number of microorganisms. Do not use occlusive dressings. Do not use to irrigate cavities, avoid contact with eyes.

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Packing: 100 g.

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