Glass balls for sterilizer for tools Kodi Professional 4.51 1

Glass balls for the Kodi Professional sterilizer are heated in the sterilizer to a high temperature sufficient for the death of all bacteria

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20057732
Model стеклянные
Type Шарики для стерилизатора
Packaging 500 г
Gross weight 600 g

The balls for sterilizing tools from Kodi Professional are poured into a special sterilizer, in which they warm up to a high temperature, sufficient for the death of all bacteria. After that, the instruments are immersed in them. The balls hold the accessories in a vertical position, which excludes possible damage to their working surface. The sterilization time is 15 - 20 seconds. Tools after treatment remain dry, which eliminates the appearance of corrosion on tools.

Kodi Professional products have won the love of both professional masters and consumers. The funds developed by Ukrainian specialists help to realize the most intricate fantasies. Discover high-quality drugs for nail extension and modeling, varnishes and products for care, as well as professional tools popular both in Ukraine and in Europe. The composition of the products from Kodi Professional is free from harmful aggressive components, such as toluene and formaldehydes. Preparations do not cause allergy and do not damage the integrity of the nail plate.

Categories: Disinfection and sterilization

Tags: sterilizer

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