Kraft packages for sterilization Medtest PBSP (100x200) 100 pcs 4.57 15

Kraft packages for sterilization Medtest PBSP (100x200) 100 pieces are made of special paper and serve to sterilize instruments in dry-heat cabinets and autoclaves

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Brand Медтест
Model ПБСП (100x200) 100 шт
Colour коричневый
Type Пакет для стерилизации
Packaging 100 шт
Gross weight 999 g

Kraft paper bags self-adhesive flat Medical Test (PBSP-SteriMag) are materials for packaging, sterilization, transportation and storage of sterilized products. Packages are suitable for steam, air, etilenoksidny sterilization. But since the shelf life of sterilized products in such packages is only 60 days, this type of packagingit is advisable to use exclusively for dry heat sterilizationbecause for steam sterilization, there are other types of packaging, in which the shelf life of sterilized products ranges from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the type of sealing - heat-sealing apparatus or self-adhesive.

Packaging materials for sterilization PBSP-SteriMag:

  • provide protection of sterilized products against repeated contamination by microorganisms for a valid shelf life after sterilization, provided that the consumer has complied with the rules of sealing, transportation and storage conditions;
  • easy to close, reducing the labor costs of medical personnel on packaging;
  • resistant to sterilizing factors;
  • moisture resistant;
  • easily recyclable.

Self-adhesive bags on the inside of the valve have a layer of glue that is covered with a protective paper strip.

Packaging rules for medical devices in sterilization packaging materials:

  • Fill the packaging horizontally, doing so on a flat surface.
  • Before packing products it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of the package, checking the integrity of the material and adhesive joints of packages.
  • Products to be sterilized, clean and dry, which have passed the JI, are placed in bags.
  • It is recommended to package the package by no more than 75%.
  • After filling the bag, the protective strip is removed from the adhesive layer, the edge is bent over the perforated lithium and pressed tightly smoothing from the center to the edges.

Colour: brown
The size: 100x200 mm.
amount: 100 pieces

Categories: Disinfection and sterilization

Tags: sterilization bag

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