Antiseptic for skin BioLong 1000 ml 4.93 2

Antiseptic for skin BioLong 1000 ml is used for disinfecting the skin of hands when working with tools and at home, does not contain aldehydes, phosphates and dyes

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Brand BioLong
Model для кожи 1000 мл
Type Антисептик
Packaging 1 л
Gross weight 1050 g

10% solution is intended for:

  • disinfection of the hands of medical personnel;
  • skin treatment before invasive procedures;
  • workers of public catering establishments, public service institutions, incl. Beauty salons, hairdressing salons, cosmetology clinics, beauty salons and SPA-centers;
  • disinfection of the hands and skin by the population in everyday life.

Advantages: does not contain aldehydes, phosphates, dyes. When reusable use does not break the lipid balance of the skin, the skin retains its protective properties.

Manufacturer: BioLong
Size: 1000 ml

Categories: Disinfection and sterilization

Tags: disinfectant

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