Color acrylic G27

High-quality powdered powders, which contain different colored pigments for subfacing with the addition of fine glider G27

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Brand Kodi Professional
Manufacturer's code 20002978
Model G27
Type Цветной акрил
Packaging 4.5 г
Gross weight 17 g
Colored acrylic G27 Kodi Professional for subfacing with the addition of fine glitter is a high-quality powdered powder that contains different colored pigments. Widely used in creating a variety of designs, which later become favorite types of nail art for all women.
Work with such material will please every master, because the physical properties of these powders maximally simplify the process of creating perfect nails. Acrylic perfectly lays down a thin layer and stretched out with a brush, without any ruptures. As a result, we get a strong and bright manicure, which attracts everyone's attention. Refuse this pleasure is difficult, because the benefits are much more than minuses.
 Advantages of Kodi colored acrylics:
  1.  The saturated and homogeneous color of acrylic, which is achieved due to the fact that the particles of colored powders are completely colored with colored pigments,
  2. Colored acrylics have a fine grinding, which indicates their high quality,
  3. High elasticity due to the content of benzoyl peroxide,
  4. Strong adhesion to the nail plate,
  5. Ease of work with the material,
  6. Persistence of manicure,
  7. Optimal price-quality ratio.

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